Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RSV and Two Teeth

Milo was having trouble breathing this morning so I was finally able to get a sick appointment for him to see the doctor and they did a nose swab and we found out the he has RSV (Respiratory Syncytial virus). This CAN be very bad in infants but fortunately Milo appears to have a mild case. We will, of course, be keeping a close eye on him to make sure that his symptoms don't get worse. There is no cure, since it's a virus, so the best they can do is treat the symptoms. Which we are doing with cough syrup and suctioning his nose. The doc also said that there are breathing treatments that we can give him if he has lots of trouble breathing but fortunately he doesn't need those now. The doctor also said that since I got sick with it too the best thing that I can do for him is breastfeed because my body is making antibodies for the exact virus that he has. I think that is so cool! I mean it really sucks to be sick but I love knowing that I can help my baby fight this in so specific a way. It keeps me from feeling so impotent while he suffers.

And the biggest and best new we found out while at the doctors office is that MILO HAS TWO TEETH!!!! It all makes sense now. He being a holy terror last night. Nothing I could do was making him happy so I figured I just hadn't made enough milk that day and he was hungry so I gave him a bottle. He didn't want to suck on the thing he just wanted to chew on the nipple and he would cry every time I took it away from him. Little did I know two of his teeth were coming in!

You can barely see them but here is a pic:


Nessa said...

So sorry Milo is sick. Ashley had RSV when she was 6 weeks old and it was no fun. Poor little thing was in the hospital with this tent around her. I am glad his case is not that severe. Hope you both get to feeling better soon.

As for the teeth, wow! He's growing so fast!

The Q. Family said...

RSV is such a scary word when you have a baby! But I'm so glad he has a mild case and it seems like you have a solution to make him feel better fast. So sorry the little booger has to fight RSV and teething at the same time! But what a big boy he is!!