Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Last Night

On the first night of Milo’s life he was having a hard time sleeping. He absolutely did not want to be in his little hospital bassinet. So in order to calm him I laid him down with his chest on mine so he could hear my heart beat and feel me breathing. He instantly calmed down and fell deeply asleep and slept for hours just laying on my chest. That was such a special memory for me and one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Over the course of his first year we have gotten to do that a few other times and it never fails to be a sweet experience and he never fails to calm down and go deeply to sleep.

Tonight, on the eve of his first birthday, I had to pick him up from his grandparents and drive home with him. He usually falls asleep in the car when we get him so late so I don’t get to rock him I just lay him down already asleep. Even though he was tired he didn’t fall asleep in the car tonight so I was able to nurse and rock him. He fell asleep laying on me, chest to chest, just like the night he was born, listening to my heart beat and feeling me breath. It was so sweet that I got to bookend his first year with that. What a special blessing!

I have loved Milo’s infancy. I can’t imagine loving any stage as much as this one. Chris says I always say that though and I always say that whatever stage he is in is my favorite so far. :) I’ll miss all the baby things that he will never do again but I am looking forward to the rest of the adventure of watching him grow up.


Nessa said...

I cannot believe he is a year old already!

Your post made me all teary eyed, remembering those special days with my own sweet kiddos. Isn't being a mom the most amzing thing you've ever done?!

Hugs to you Mama Abby on the eve of Milo's big day! You and Chris are doing a great job with that precious little boy! I love ya'll!

Shannah said...

Happy birthday, Milo.

Elaine said...

Happy FIRST Birthday Milo!!!


jaxmom said...

What a sweet memory you'll always have =) Happy 1st Birthday Milo!!

jaxmom said...
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Askew To You said...

Happy belated first birthday to Milo!!!

I loved having my kids sleep on my chest, too. I'd place them up high and feel their little warm breath on my face.

LOLI said...

Hi Abby! Alisa (Cheuvront) Evans here. I just found your blog through Elaine. Your little guy is so cute. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. And it was good to see some pics of your mom too. Well just thought I'd say hey! I just started my first blog...