Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Splish Splash He Was...Playing in the Kitchen?

Milo is drawn to the dogs water bowl like a moth to a flame. I have tried and tried to keep him out of it but as soon as my back is turned the splashing starts. I have even tired popping his little butt for it. It broke his heart but hasn't kept him out the the water bowl. Last night while I was making dinner he just wouldn't be tamed so in desperate attempt to keep him entertained so I could finish the pork chops I got him his own bowl of water to play in. He LOVED it. It made a God awful mess but he was having so much fun I didn't even care (I needed to mop the floor any way). By the time he splashed all the water out of the bowl he was drenched. His poor diaper was filled with so much water it was sagging to his knees! LOL!

That dish towel did nothing to stanch the flow. Next time I will know to use a bath towel.
It quickly became a job for both hands.
Bailey came over to investigate.
"OMG! This is sooooo fun!!!!!"


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Shannah said...

He looks so happy ... maybe he's the next Michael Phelps? ;-)