Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zoo Daze

We took Milo on his first trip to the zoo this holiday weekend. He got to see all kind of animals (he REALLY loves animals) and had tons of fun!

The first animals we saw were the flamingos. He was so fascinated looking around that we never did get him to look at the camera.
Milo and Mommy with the flamingos

Milo and Daddy at the flamingos

Daddy and Milo on the giant metal lizard

Mommy and Milo

We ended up spending a lot of time in the penguin exhibit becuase, one, it was air conditioned and it was blazin' hot outside and two, because penguins are just cool. We got to see them get fed too!

The African Black Footed Penguin

You know Chris liked the exhibit

Milo thought it was cool too.

That penguin was very curios about Milo. he just kept swimming by checking him out.
"Wait penguin, don't go!"

After we spent plenty of time in the penguin exhibit we spent time with the lizards and snakes

Milo checking out the leaf snake. I think he scared the poor thing.
He scared this lizard so bad that it peed on the glass but Milo had a good time.
Milo and this snake had a good time checking each other out. The snake would bob and weave trying to get a better look at Milo and he would try and "catch" it. It was really funny and it made Milo laugh.

Milo and daddy

Our Family
We put this penguin hat on him to see what he would do...he did not like it.

Milo and his new penguin Cheep Cheep. He is our little chick so we got him a little chick. LOL!

"I had fun at the zoo!"

He had so much fun that he fell asleep in the car almost as soon as we buckled him in. I had to hold him while he slept in the resturant we ate ate after we left

Mommy holding her tired baby

My sweet sleeping angel!


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Shannah said...

My favorite part of this whole thing is the picture of Chris holding Milo in front of the penguins, and Milo's completely turned around watching the penguins. What fun!