Monday, September 22, 2008

On the Tee Box

Chris went to play golf with a friend yesterday and called to say they were about to be carried off by the mosquitoes and could I please bring bug spray. So I loaded Milo up and off we went to the rescue. When we got there they were on the other side of the course and Milo was unhappy in his carseat so I got him out and took him to play on a tee box that wasn't being used and, like I always do, I took pics of the event. I discovered that it is hard to shoot in bright sunlight for a couple of reasons, one, it's bright so there are harsh shadows and your baby doesn't want to look into the sun and 2, it's so bright that you can't see the view finder very well to check the exposure.
Waiting for daddy
Testing out the grass
"hmmm...I don't think so."
Playing with Momma's keys instead.
Standing like a big boy in his big boy shoes!
Life lessons from Milo:
If one finds one's self in a precarious position without one's paci, insert fist.
He found a discarded tee.
He was a bit frustrated that he couldn't get it out the ground.
Momma helped him out
All in all it was quite fun (and he got his paci back).



Shannah said...

Oh my. He's so big. What with the standing, and all.

I like that he's wearing a golf outfit...haha.

The Havert Family said...

Too cute! Love the big boy shoes!