Monday, September 8, 2008

He Pooped on the Floor: A Cautionary Tale.

Milo has a bit of diaper rash going on right now so I got the brilliant idea to let him crawl around without a diaper on for a little while to let air get to it. I had read that this was supposed to be a good way to deal with diaper rash. Well, maybe it is for a baby who can't move around and would be content to lie on a puppy pad for a while. For a baby on the move how ever you need to be a little more cautious. No sooner than I put him down on the floor to play than he pooped on the carpet. I walked into him room to check on him and Bailey followed me in. I looked over and Baliey is VERY interested in something on the floor. I went over to investigate further and there it was. Milo had pooped on the floor. EWWWWW! Let that be a lesson to me if I let my 11 month old run around with out a diaper on he could poop on the floor. This may be an indicator that letting him run around the house nekid (as my friend Wendy would say) may not be the best way to potty train him when the time comes.

He had already pooped on the floor so why not get a few shots of him playing nekid, Right?

I did get a shot of the poop but I figured I would spare you the visual.LOL!

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The Q. Family said...

Oh I love the shots of his precious nekkid bum!! :)