Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Declaration

I was thinking about it the other night...

I was the one who got morning sickness, heart burn, constipation, stretch marks, and flabby tummy skin. I was the one who's bladder got tap danced on and who's ribs got bruised. I was the one got cut open and had to recover from a c-section. I was the one who waddled for months. I am the one who still can't fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes. I was the one who got up several times a night to nurse and for various other aliments. I am the one who's been lactating for a year. I am the one who wept when he got a bad sunburn and wailed when I had to change his bandages. I am the one who gave him breathing treatments when he got RSV. I am the one for has been pooped on, peed on, and vomited on numerous times. I am the one who has had to watch him get shots and have a heel stuck. I am the one who's new perfume was Spit Up al a Milo. I am the one who has washed his clothes, fed him, changed him, bathed him and entertained him. I am the one who has rocked him to sleep almost every night and got him up every almost every morning for a year now. I am the one who he wants for comfort. I am the one who gets the most drool kisses and headbutt hugs.

I am the one. It was me.

And because of this I have decided that I get a corner piece of birthday cake. :)
and I guess his daddy can have one too ;)


1 comment:

Shannah said...

How very generous, to let his daddy have one. ;-)

LOL...I was really wondering where that was going...