Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ganmaw Came to Play!

Ganmaw came up for a visit yesterday! We went shopping for Milo's birthday and had tons of fun. Poor Milo was worn out by the time that we called it a day. He took a 3 hour nap!
Ganmaw and Milo
Milo's current fascination is faces. He loves to stick his fingers in mouths and noses and try to gouge out eyeballs.
"shhh, no Ganmaw, don't say you're leaving."
He really gave Ganmaw the once over. Every time she would turn her head to talk to him he would push her face back around so he could see her earrings
Ganmaw is so much fun!


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Shannah said...

How darling. I really like the "Shh, Ganmaw" picture.