Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Bubble Bath

I gave Milo his first bubble bath today! at first he couldn't figure out what that stuff was but it quickly became fun! Then Bailey came in and it made his day!
"Why did you put me in this!?!"
Testing out the bubbles
A duck makes everything better
"Ok, this might be fun." (notice the bubbles I put on his head)
"Yup, this is really fun!"
He spotted Bailey
(squealing like a crazed fan) "OMG! It's the DOG!"
"I love you Bailey"
I love this pic. I finally got to capture how Milo really feels about Bailey.
Holdin gout his hand for Bailey to lick
Laying in the water
Soapy prunie foot.



jaxmom said...

Too cute for words!! I LOVE the picture of Milo with Bailey ;)

Nessa said...

How sweet! The one of him and Bailey is precious!

Shannah said...

Just wonderful pictures. And I agree with everyone else -- that one with Bailey is SO precious!

TERS! said...

I visit your blog via "The Q Family" and I just wanted to let you know I find your photography so beautiful and your descriptions of your son so touching... you are very talented...

The Q. Family said...

These pictures are awesome Abs! I love it!!