Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Afternoon

Milo and I got to spend the afternoon with our friend Shonna and her daughter K yesterday. We went to lunch and then to the arboretum to take photo of the beautiful K in her sweet red tutu (there will be more of those later). It was a blast and we had such a good time with them. Almost all the babies that are around Milo's age a girls so he has lots of girl friends. :)
Milo enjoying his Cheerios and good baby talk with K
It was Miss K's first time in a high chair!
She tried to eat the table so we gave her a placemat
"mmmm...good place mat"
I tried to get their pics together but Milo was very "eww, girls have cooties" about the whole thing. (maybe it was the tutu)
K was fascinated by him though
We tired to distract him...
... but eventually he just crawled off
Milo rocking the shades and paci


1 comment:

Shannah said...

Always with the having to chase them. I guess men are born that way.

(I love the one where he's looking at her tutu like, "what is that thing you're wearing?")