Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get This Kid Off Me

Bailey, we have discovered, is not really a "kid dog". He tolerates Milo but really wants nothing to do with him. Milo does not feel the same way about Bailey. He LOVES that dog and wants nothing more than to be near him. Lately Milo he started giving out "hugs". He will go and lay his head down on the thing he wants to hug, that's his version of a hug and he has started "hugging" everything that means anything to him and somethings that don't. Since he loves all things furry you can imagine how many "hugs" Bailey is the recipient of (frankly I am a little jealous). Milo will crawl over to Bailey and start to lay his head on him and Bailey will flee as fast as his four legs can carry him. Undaunted, Milo just "hugs" the floor where Bailey had been laying.

Milo "hugging" Bailey

Bailey is not pleased.



Shannah said...

I love Bailey's look! And the hugs -- so sweet.

(And I'll bet that as Milo gets older, Bailey will turn into a "kid dog," and love to play chase and catch balls and all of that.)

Nessa said...

How sweet! Poor Bailey doesn't look amused though!