Tuesday, September 9, 2008

!!! First Step !!!

Milo took his first step today!!!! He has been standing without holding onto anything for a few weeks now. Gradually the time he can stand like that without falling down or grabbing onto something has gotten longer and longer. Today he was pulling up on the freezer, turned around, let go and took one step before falling over(and there I was with out my camera or camcorder, DRAT)! I am so happy and proud that I can hardly stand it! It won't be long before he's running allover the place and I'm panting behind him trying to keep up. :)

To be fair Chris says he took his first step a couple of days ago but I say that wasn't really a step. So today's step is the official first step!!!


Shannah said...

So... the official first step is when *you* see it??? :-) I like that.

Elizabeth said...

YAY Milo!! I know how excited you are! Go google squeaker sneakers. Hannah just got a pair from my aunt, and OMG milo would love them. They have these things in the heel that squeak with every step, and they are the cutest freaking things ever. She has figured out how to stomp in place while wearing them.

Elaine said...

WOO HOO Milo!!! First steps are so precious. But watch out he will start running. :) Love all your pictures too.